A Melons Marathon in Singapore

*Not an actual marathon, don’t be ridiculous.
So after being kicked out of Australia (because Malcolm basically doesn’t like me, don’t hate me cause you ain’t me) I ventured fourth to Singapore. There wasn’t much reasoning behind going to Singapore, beside it being one of the cheaper places to fly to and out from. Though Kuala Lumpur is significantly cheaper, I was advised by a very ill informed service at the British Embassy when getting my emergency passport (I didn’t realise it had less than six months left on it ok?! Who the hell checks these things!?) that I would have to go to the Malaysian embassy in a different town aka Canberra aka ages away, to get a visa (completely untrue).
Singapore it was.

Really it turned out to be a great decision because I absolutely loved it, if it were not for the fact I would melt every second of every single day like an Albino invited to Satan’s lair for a BBQ, and had to dart into every Singaporean shopping centre for beetroot relief every ten minutes; I would totally live there. I can’t put my finger on the exact reason; though they do have Nandos there- everyone I know who has been Singapore has loved it.

My thoughts toward Singapore were greatly helped by the fact I stayed in probably the nicest hostel I have stayed in to date (and I was in a very good mood as I received the amazing news one of my best friends got engaged; top bridesmaid coming your way). Granted the hostel was expensive, but the whole of the city is, and that just cant be helped or avoided if you want to sleep somewhere that isn’t a hole in the floor. I stayed at Dreamlodge hostel, who were the nicest, most helpful people, and the place was clean, simply designed and just incredibly friendly as a whole. Plus I love a capsule hostel, its the perfect mix of hostel living and being able to shut every single human out.

I was only in Singapore for 2 days but I crammed a lot in, realising in the end I walked a total of 25 MILES IN TWO DAYS. That’s effectively a marathon. What. The easiest way to get around is undoubtedly the trains, which are so easy to use, all the maps are written in English and they are very simple. For a girl who absolutely hates exercise, when I arrive in new places I ironically prefer to just walk and to see what I come across. Which resulted in the Melons Marathon and knee pain for 4 days afterwards. Worth it though? Definitely.

Regardless of this excursion into the unknown territories of physical exertion, I had a great time! I knew little to nothing about what there was to do in Singapore, and soon found that different districts of the city had different things to offer and the city was a great combination of modern culture, with Malay, Chinese and British influences.

Parts like Little India, Arabstreet, Chinatown then showed off even more diversity and culture. I wandered around these taking in the sights, incredible graffiti and street art, great mixtures of old traditions and modern life and food courts. One of the most interesting things I did here was to go to the National Museum, where I learnt a lot more about the Japanese occupation during World War Two, which I didn’t know about in depth. I also bought a top in Topshop: standard, and fulfilled by irritating habit of globally collecting espresso cups- worst thing to collect ever.

One of the most visited and instagrammed spots has to be the Supertrees which are part of the 250 acre Gardens by the Bay which are essentially some beautiful gardens with a light show at the end. Yes the light show is cheesy AF, but its still pretty spectacular. I had a Mcflurry whilst I was watching it from the Mcdonalds in the centre of the gardens, I found a spot with no people around and I just enjoyed the light show that played to likes cheesyily handsome tones of Michael Buble and classic Ella Fitzgerald. As well as this, there is the Skygarden which you pay a fee to enter. These in fairness are pretty impressive, the sky garden is brilliant and a fan of David Attenborough’s wet dream.

I did a lot of other things, but basically I just explored the city on foot taking instaworthy photos, stopping for the occasional beer, eating damn good Laksa and trying to find fake handbags in the markets. I don’t mind these small trips where you don’t make travel buddies because you’re not there long enough and you really don’t mind being there with just your own company. You can walk, and wander and think or not think, and get to grips with the fact you’ve been booted out of Australia and are actually on your way back to England to freeze your tits off.

One down side of Singapore however is that I always end up in the rubbish bit of the airport where there is a Cactus Terrace and half a Starbucks. Apparently its one of the best airports in the world though? Dunno.

Granted, Singapore took a lot out of my budget. Spenny. But it’s a great city with a lot to offer, its clean, efficent, modern and yet colonial and beautiful to look at. I didn’t do a lot of the stuff that was recommended to me, but Singapore took me in.

Though I did not sample its signature drink; a Singapore Sling (it sounds rough as arseholes) I sampled the city and I loved it.
A Melons quick guide to Singapore.


M. x

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